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Certified Clover Developer

As certified Clover developers (certification pending 4/2024), Actuate Media specializes in custom website integrations for businesses using Clover POS. Our team expertly navigates Clover’s API to ensure seamless connectivity between your website and POS system, optimizing online and in-store operations. We focus on smooth data synchronization, enhancing user experience, and integrating key functionalities like e-commerce, loyalty programs, and real-time inventory updates. Tailored to your unique business requirements, our integrations are designed to improve efficiency and security, aligning your digital presence with your POS system. With Actuate Media, you gain a professional partner dedicated to advancing your business through strategic digital solutions, ensuring your operations are streamlined and responsive to customer needs.


Actuate Media excels in developing applications for the Clover POS API, providing businesses with tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency. Our expertise in the Clover ecosystem allows us to create applications that integrate seamlessly with your website. 

Inventory API

Actuate Media specializes in leveraging the Clover POS Inventory API to craft applications that help feed your inventory to your website. Our solutions seamlessly sync with your Clover account, providing real-time inventory updates.  

We can develop applications on the following platforms...

WordPress Websites
Shopify Websites
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