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Our SEO Company is not a set-it-and-forget-it service; it’s an ongoing optimization and content generation solution.


Actuate Media is a Tampa SEO Company specializing in on-page and off-page SEO strategies with the goal of establishing your search authority within your industry. The SEO environment in the Tampa-St Pete DMA is particularly competitive, so give your business the competitive advantage it needs. Our SEO solution is not a run-of-the-mill, set-it-and-forget-it program; it is an ongoing process of website optimizations and content generation. Start capturing your share of the search market today!


Our goal is to not only increase your site traffic, but we also focus on conversions and revenue generation. Strong organic traffic growth does not simply happen by chance; it is the result of having a talented up-and-coming Local SEO Agency working for you. Our SEO experience allows us to quickly position our clients for short and long-term organic search marketing success.

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Our goal is to establish your business’s SEO authority within your industry.

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Our goal is to establish your business’s local SEO authority within your industry.

Actuate Media
Grow Your Business

Grow Your Tampa Bay Business

With an increase in SEO rank, your company will not only get more exposure and traffic, but you will also get more customers, and therefore grow your business. As a Top Tampa SEO Company, your business will be in great hands.

Increase Exposure

Increase Your Exposure

Let’s face the facts, your business needs a boost, right? Let our SEO Company help you achieve your goals, and find low funnel customers to not only increase your exposure but drive conversions.

Monthly SEO Reporting

Monthly SEO Reporting

We leverage just about every major SEO platform out there from SEMRush, Moz, to Ahrefs, we are on top of it. Being the Best SEO Company in Tampa means using the best SEO tools.


What Makes Us A Top Digital Agency?



Google/Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO

Our team will set up Google & Bing Webmaster tools and ensure Google & Bing are indexing your site appropriately, amongst other essential functions. This enables proper keyword tracking & reporting, analytics, data highlighting, indexing, and checking data structural markups.

Google Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics for SEO Tracking

Google Analytics will help our team of SEOs identify key inbound traffic sources, benchmark search traffic, and set goals to measure SEO growth and conversion rates. By analyzing the trends of your organic traffic, we can determine if additional on-site or off-site changes are necessary and the conversion value we drive to your business (also referred to as ROI).

Google Analytics

On-Site SEO Optimization

Our SEO Company optimizes, implement, and analyzes a variety of on-site SEO factors, including link authority, meta-tags, schema optimization, image optimization, anchor tags, broken links identification, website page structure, social connections, blogging and more. Furthermore, our SEOs will seek to increase on-page metrics such as page views, time-on-site, lower bounce rates, and conversion optimization.

Technical SEO: Most SEO companies and media groups only handle about one-third of what goes into technical SEO by focusing solely on meta title and description tags optimization. Once these have been completed they tend to walk away, but you keep paying month-in and month-out. Our comprehensive SEO services include additional technical SEO components such as Schema, OpenGraph, and Twitter tag optimization. Website speed optimizations such as hosting, image compression, and HTML, Javascript, CSS compression, and more.

Page & Website Structure: Relevance is a huge part of SEO, and therefore page, and website structure is a fundamental key to improving how Google sees your product/service’s relevance for a given search term. Our SEO experts know how to structure a webpage, and a website to maximize SEO value.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): If your website isn’t set up appropriately to track and maximize conversions, this is a problem. One of the first things we do is ensure conversion tracking functioning so we can adequately gauge conversion rates for optimization opportunities.

Content Generation: If you are looking for a great web content company, then look no further. From webpage content to blog posting, our content generation team can help your business write and SEO great content for your website. Content serves many purposes in our SEO strategy from becoming more relevant to a keyword search to informing and educating potential customers.

Website Design: Let’s face it; not all websites are correctly built, nor do they have all the features needed to rank well in today’s SEO environment. In some cases, websites need to be rebuilt to maximize future SEO value. As a website design company, our team can quickly and affordably reconstruct your website into an optimized SEO machine leveraging today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: In some circumstances, AMP implementation is necessary to improve customer experience over mobile devices. AMP is still a developing technology, but there can be additional SEO gains when properly implement and leveraging AMP as a component of SEO. Current AMP technology still has some limitations, so it’s not for everyone yet.

Off-Site SEO Optimization

Backlinks: Off-site SEO Optimization is probably one of the most misunderstood SEO components. Perhaps the biggest misperception is link building because it’s common knowledge Google tends to reward websites with lots of backlinks. What often isn’t discussed is the quality of backlinks, how they are acquired, and how quickly they are built. If a company is “link building” to help your SEO, how can you ensure the links they are acquiring on your behalf are quality links and are improving your SEO, and not hurting it? The short answer is, you cannot, and this gets businesses into trouble. Also, acquiring a high volume of backlinks quickly will surely be a red flag as well. Our SEO company takes an organic approach to backlinks through content creation over time. If you create great content, people will use and share it, which will result in more organic backlinks, than a manual process over time. You need to remember that backlinks are only part of the SEO equation, so don’t put your eggs in one basket.

Reviews: Generating business reviews have become an essential component of Local SEO from Google My Business to Yelp, great reviews can help your business grow. Part of our SEO solution is a review generation platform to help your business increase its positive reviews on an ongoing basis.

Google My Business: Your free business listing for Google Search and Maps, this product has become very very very important to local businesses and local SEO efforts. From having a complete profile to numerous photos and great reviews, Google My Business can drive a substantial amount of conversions for many companies.

Social Media: When it comes to SEO, many companies fail to consider that Social Media Management plays a significant role in SEO. Yes, we already know most social platforms us no-follow links, but we have to remember links are only part of the equation. Google can gauge a company’s social presence and activity as well, and it is a known factor in SEO, which is why we offer social media marketing in some of our SEO solutions.

Our SEO team has just about every well-known SEO platform at their fingertips including:

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