Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Ensure Your Business is Seen with Local SEO Services


Our SEO Agency provides local SEO services to ensure that your prospective customers can find you. Building a rounded SEO strategy helps your business reach relevant customers and increase leads and sales.

Our local SEO Services implement proven strategies to improve visibility with your buyers, regardless if you have a single location or multiple locations. Our data-driven approach sets us apart from other digital agencies and media companies. If you’re looking for a local SEO provider who can deliver real results, we’re ready to help. 

Local SEO Services


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Local SEO Value


In the past two years, Google searches for “where to buy” + “near me” increased by more than 200% on mobile devices. A majority (72%) of people who did a local search online followed this up by visiting a business within five miles of their location. Additionally, 88% of online users who search for a local business on their mobile device either contact or visit that business within 24 hours.

These statistics highlight the importance of optimizing your business’s website and online presence for Google and other search engines. At Actuate Media, we position your business for success.

Our goal is to establish your business’s local SEO authority within your industry.


What Make Our Local SEO Services Better?

Grow Your Business
Increase Exposure
Monthly SEO Reporting

Grow Your Business

With a focus on local seo strategy, your company will not only get more exposure and traffic, but you will also get more customers, and therefore grow your business. As a Top Local SEO Company, your business will be in great hands.

Increase Your Exposure

Ensure your customers can find you locally! Our local SEO services improve your ranking and allow customers to find you easier. With geo-targeted keywords, we help your business find low funnel customers to not only increase your exposure but drive conversions.

Monthly SEO Reporting

Being the Best Local SEO Company means using the best SEO tools. Our team of expert SEOs leverage just about every major SEO platform out there from SEMRush, Moz, to Ahrefs, we are on top of it.


Increasing your website’s traffic is a key aim of our local SEO strategy. With a website that is more visible to online users in your area, you will drive up relevant traffic from geographically targeted areas. When increased traffic is coupled with thoroughly optimizing your website and its content, your business will see more sales and leads.

With enhanced Google My Business visibility, online users actively searching for a business – intending to visit on-foot – are more likely to see your business, what it provides, where it is located, and what the reviews say. Local SEO services create an edge over your competitors, even in areas where competition is fierce.By specifically optimizing your website for local SEO, you will create an important bridge between getting visitors to your site and generating sales. Because everything we do to support your business is trackable, we can adjust your strategy over time and ensure that it is as effective as possible.


We work with businesses in various industries to improve their overall SEO performance and search rankings. We like to understand precisely what your business’s goals are and then create a focused, personalized, and data-driven strategy. Our thorough website audit ensures that customers can easily navigate your site and feel compelled to use your products or services.

To help you understand your local SEO strategy, we provide regular keyword ranking reports, Google Analytics reports, and task reports highlighting exactly how we’ve improved your local SEO in that period. Our focus on conversion optimization for local businesses helps us target relevant and qualified customers who will help drive your online traffic and physical sales.



Our 99% client retention rate speaks for itself. Businesses across the US partner with Actuate Media, they secure bottom-line results that increase their website traffic, generate leads, increase sales, and garner more positive online reviews. Contact our team today and discover how our local SEO services can boost your business.

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