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Why Your Business Should Be Using Google Analytics

It’s amazing! We’ve recently come across several businesses in several industries that are not currently using their Google Analytics on a regular basis. So the question becomes, why use Google Analytics? After some debate, our team has determined three good reasons your business should use Google Analytics including it’s free, it provides valuable insights regarding your audience and metrics, and determining where your audience is coming from, especially if you’re running digital marketing campaigns.

1. Google Analytics is Free

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It’s not a matter of why you should have this on your site, but more of a question of why don’t you have this on your site. Google Analytics measures nearly everything. For example, who visits your site, broken out by geo-location down to the city and what browser and device they used to get there. This is valuable information if you are seeking to grow your website traffic.

2. What are Your Customers Doing on Your Website?

Once they get to your website, then what? Google Analytics measures what your customers are doing and how they got there. Google Analytics can tell you how long users stayed on your website, what pages they are looking at, how long they are staying, how many pages does the average user view and much more. Not only is this good information for your website optimization strategy, but you can also determine valuable customer demographic information.

3. How did Your Customers Get to Your Website?

Ok so they’re on your website, now what? A good question to ask yourself is, how did they get there? Google Analytics provides this information among other valuable insights like whether they got to you directly by typing in your name, they came to you from search marketing networks like Google Yahoo or Bing; or a Social Network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; or a link from another website, etc. Google Analytics breakdowns the source of your traffic with performance metrics, so you can focus in on the specifics of each one and optimize.

Google Analytics information can help your business optimize your website as-well-as digital marketing campaigns. When using digital marketing tactics such as search marketing, setting up Google Analytics goals is extremely important for conversion tracking.

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