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Google Home Hub, SEO, and Your YouTube Video Views

Have you heard about Google’s latest product release—Google Home Hub? Do you know why it’s so important to your SEO?

What is Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub is a Google Assistant with a seven-inch touchscreen. This differs from other Google Home equipment, meaning Google Home Hub can interact with the user through more than just a digital voice.

Let’s say a user has a Google Home Hub. The user then performs a voice request for how to make a pumpkin pie. Google will first search for the most relevant YouTube videos on how to make the pumpkin pie and send them to that user’s Google Home Hub screen. The user then selects the video of his/her choice and can hear and see exactly how to make a pumpkin pie on the Google Home Hub.

And as you know, being able to watch a YouTube video on how to do something is much easier than just listening to voice only instructions. Voice only instructions can be difficult and sometimes impossible to follow because you can’t see exactly how to do whatever it is you’re trying to do. Thus…the Google Home Hub was born.

How Google Home Hub Help Boost Your Brand’s SEO

Since the Google Home Hub comes with a digital display, it’s the perfect avenue for YouTube videos. In fact, this changes everything as far as your YouTube videos are concerned.

The Google Home Hub was designed with YouTube in mind. Therefore, the Google Home Hub uses (almost exclusively) YouTube video snippets to provide the page results for their users’ search queries.

With the release of the Google Home Hub, you now have a whole other opportunity to make it into some highly visible search results, even if your content isn’t ranking on the first page.

If you properly write your YouTube descriptions as well as implementing some proper forms of SEO, you have yourself a goldmine!

Think about that for a moment…

That means adding YouTube videos to your marketing portfolio is essential if you want to remain competitive.

YouTube Videos as Part of Your SEO Strategy

As you know, Google owns YouTube; therefore, they tend to favor YouTube videos over other content.

Have you noticed recently that Google has now added an overlay interface to their pages, which is basically a slider box of related videos? Yep! That means you no longer have to click through to YouTube to watch a video, you just click on the video snippet and watch right there on the page.

Google uses the YouTube video descriptions you enter for the snippets on their search pages. Additionally, they also use two to three of the hashtags you use in your video descriptions to help your video’s searchability as well. It’s also a good idea to use custom professional thumbnails versus the selections YouTube automatically provides you with. This will give you an edge because the thumbnail, if it’s good enough, is what will grab the viewer’s attention and entice them to click on and watch your video.

Needless to say—YouTube is HUGE for your SEO…enough said!

However, if you don’t want to, can’t, or just don’t have the time to create and develop YouTube videos that will boost your SEO, find a digital marketing agency or SEO agency who can do it for you.

What’s Next?

We understand making YouTube videos in a way that’s good for human viewers, as well as being developed for SEO can be challenging. Therefore, feel free to Contact Us today.

We are a digital marketing agency with a team of experts who know exactly how to develop top-notch YouTube videos and optimize them for your SEO that will help take your business to the next level.

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