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Why SEO Is Important for Business

SEO is important as a strategic technique that all businesses, large and small, should find worth the effort. While it is nice to think people will find a business based on its offerings, customer service, and other attributes, the reality is how a company’s website is listed in search engines matters. Your SERP (search engine results page – especially on Google) will determine whether your targeted audience even finds you.

To create strong brand visibility and grow awareness, integrating SEO principles into your online marketing strategies can help you to achieve your goals. Visibility and awareness are two primary reasons why SEO is important for business, especially with a professional SEO agency. Here are seven more reasons why this is important for business and a valuable concept to weave into your online marketing strategy.

1. SEO Is Cost-Effective

Integrating SEO into your overall plan is very cost-effective. Other than the time you spend researching and implementing best practices, it’s essentially free. If you can land top search results rankings with your efforts, the reward is considerate.

SEO is important for business as your website will benefit from a ton of organic traffic, along with the coveted visibility businesses actively seek. With this type of exposure, you can take any money you would have spent on paid traffic and budget it for other marketing strategies and business ventures instead.

2. Growing Traffic Is Why SEO Is Important

One of the main goals of business SEO is to get increased web traffic, and, with improved visibility and rankings, you can gain considerable amounts of traffic. Statistics indicate companies that gain the first organic result in Google Search enjoy a click-through rate of, on average, 28.5%. Generally, the search engine’s first page results get the most traffic, but the higher you can rank on page one, the better, especially if you can land in the top five.

3. SEO Agencies Support Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marking is a good strategy and is one reason why SEO is important for business, because it helps build audience trust, develop relationships, grow authority, generate leads, and boost conversions. Modern audiences expect consistent and good quality from the companies they buy from.

Fortunately, SEO and content marketing make for a good marriage, since they work hand in hand with one another. Integrating keyword optimization within high-quality content is a win-win endeavor. You simply optimize the content you plan to publish anyway – a skilled professional can help you accomplish this goal.

4. SEO Is Important to Help Boost Business Credibility

Websites ranking highly on Google and other search engines are generally perceived as high-quality and trustworthy sources. This perception can go a long way toward boosting the credibility of your business with audiences. The more time you spend adding valuable content and improving your website, the stronger your credibility will be and, in turn, search engines will continue to rank your website well, further growing awareness for your brand.

5. SEO Can Positively Impact the Buying Cycle

SEO is important as it increasingly plays a huge role in driving local traffic. So, aside from gaining top rankings from keywords users plug into a search engine, businesses can also leverage other types of searches, such as Google Maps. Using specific keywords, coupled with GEO targeting, you can really improve your search results, along with reaching the people you want to attract in your area.

If you can accomplish this, you make it substantially easier for your desired audiences to find you. You can also use business SEO principles to share messaging associated with good deals, new products, and other promotional ways you’re using to try to reach your audience.

Ultimately, you can leverage SEO to help you get eyes on your products/services and then work towards increased conversions.

6. Good SEO Is Important to Provide Competitive Advantage

These days, almost all companies are competing for top rankings in Google and other search engines, including Google My Business. Companies heavily investing in SEO tend to outrank their competition and garner a stronger percentage of the market share. If you can gain those coveted SERPs, you’ll significantly improve your chances of gaining an advantage in your industry or niche. This means SEO is important for business in terms of competitive edge.

7. SEO Offers Measurable Results

Using your SEO data, you can track your website traffic, SERPs rankings and changes, and conversions. You can use your analytics to better understand your website’s strengths and weaknesses to easily see what’s working and what is not working. If you find pages aren’t performing as well as you’d like, you can make changes, such as better optimized keywords, updated content, and new media, and have it recrawled by search engines.

Is SEO Important for Your Business Needs?

If you’re reading why SEO is important for business in order to improve your results and get your website the visibility it needs, along with the above benefits, there is no better time than the present to get started. However, if you’re lacking the manpower or time to do the research or learn how to use the tools you need, a good partnership with an expert agency can help.

At Actuate Media, SEO is one of our specialties as an SEO agency. We use only the latest strategies and are up to date on all the changes happening with Google and other search engines that affect website rankings. Our goal-oriented strategies are focused on results. To learn more about how we can help with why an SEO agency is important for your business, contact Actuate Media today for more information.

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