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Three Easy SEO Optimizations

As an expert SEO Agency, we know it’s not enough to just throw some content and a few images up on a website and hope that it rakes in the views and conversions you want. You need to hone your search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so you see the results you want. Try these three easy methods of capitalizing on SEO today and watch your rankings start to increase.

1. H1 Tags Help Search Engines Understand Your Intent Increasing SEO Ranking

In many cases, H1 tags are implemented the wrong way. A webpage that has multiple H1 tags is just as confusing to search engines as those that don’t use such tags at all. The bottom line is this: you only need one H1 tag per page. H1 tags should be followed up by H2, H3… tags.

Search engines look at H1 tags that are located on each page to determine the content/topic of that particular page. More than one H1 tag that contains different keywords makes it difficult for the search engines to categorize the page effectively. Instead, stick with just one H1 tag that contains the targeted theme or keywords for the webpage.

2. Alt-Attributes For Images Are An Important Component For SEO

The above caution being stated, images are a big part of your website. You need to make sure they are optimized correctly in order to reap the biggest benefits from them though. Using the best alt attributes — title tags and alt tags — helps improve the message you deliver and strengthens your website’s SEO standing. While a title tag is useful, it isn’t mandatory.

Good alt tags contain text that is descriptive yet focused. An image of a product sold by the website, for instance, should have text that includes the name of the product, a targeted keyword if it pertains to the image and the product ID. All images should have this type of text for two reasons: it helps with SEO and it provides blind and visually-impaired users with information about the image.

3. Structure Data Markup Helps Convey Important SEO Information

There are a plethora of markup generators online. The Structured Data Markup Helper from Google is a good one to use. When you’re done marking up a page, though, you need to take the next step to ensure that it’s optimized effectively. Test the results with the tools that Google and Bing make available for webmasters such as their data markup validators.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool not only validates your data markup, but it also contains a range of entity type examples like social profile links, logos, breadcrumbs and more. With the Bing Markup Validator, you’ll get an on-demand report that details the markup the search engine has found.

By following the above three easy SEO fixes, your web pages will be more effectively optimized. What are your favorite easy SEO optimizations?

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