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What are Google’s Core Web Vitals?

Google recently released new core web vitals coming in 2021 with a focus on providing the best experience possible for users. In an attempt to boost the best site on the internet, Google is continually updating their algorithms to increase those offering the best experience while demoting those who aren’t meeting their standards.

So, should you be worried about losing business? Do you know how to measure the user experience of a website to make sure they’re satisfied every time? What can you do to build your business back up to provide the best experience possible?

Read on to find out more to take advantage of these updates and ensure you don’t lose ranking on the SERP (search engine results page).

What Are Core Web Vitals?

In order to optimize the users’ experience, Google created web vitals that provide information about the most critical parts of the user experience. They’ve created tools to measure and report your site performance, and they keep them updated based on the changing metrics. These factors give Google visibility on the quality of experience you are providing your visitors and how satisfied they are with their visit.

The core web vitals are a refined version of this, and they apply to each web page on your site. The vitals measure user experience based on the following data points:

  1. Loading time
  2. Interactivity
  3. Visual stability

Each of these areas will help you focus on reaching the recommended target range across all devices.

What Are the Current Core Web Vitals in Place?

If you want to get ahead of this change, now is a good time to touch base on the other core web vitals in place to evaluate how your page is performing.

  1. Optimized for mobile devices
  2. Safe browsing (safeguarding users against malicious content)
  3. HTTPS usage
  4. Avoiding interstitials

When your web pages provide excellent user experiences, you will move up in ranking and convert more users. People compare content between similar sites to find the right fit, so you must keep an eye on how your site compares with your competition to have a clearer understanding of your business’s performance. If your site is inferior and never improves, it could be bad news for your business.

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How to Measure User Experience

Do you know what your users think of your website? Do you know how they act and how much time they spend on each of your web pages? User experience, or UX, is critical to monitor because if you don’t know what isn’t working, you don’t know what needs to be updated!

The best metrics to measure user experience are:

  • Google Analytics– Get your data straight from Google for accurate information you can process as needed.
  • Heatmaps– This data allows you to see the most frequently used parts of your web pages.
  • Measuring Bounce Rate– Depending on your goal with the users, your bounce rate may vary. Understanding this data is a good way to see how well your web pages hold a user’s attention.
  • Session Replay– This type of software allows you to replay the types of movements your users used while on your site so you can see what areas may confuse them.
  • User Feedback Polls– Go straight to the source and ask your users what they think
  • Moderated Testing– This is the most expensive option since it requires you to create multiple versions to test with your visitors, but it’s a great way to understand what your visitors like best.

Measuring end-user experience is crucial to understanding what works and how your visitors respond when they land on your pages. Consider the sales funnel each step of the way and take every opportunity to implement a call to action so they can always smoothly progress to the next stage.

Be Prepared Before the Change

With this core web vital update just around the corner, your business will transition better if you work to implement changes now. Identify the best way to measure user experience for your business and then test out the following:

  1. How quickly does your website load? Are the load times different across different devices? The number one reason people bounce from a website is slow loading times, so do your best not to fall victim to that statistic!
  2. How easy is it for users to interact with different parts of your website? Is it possible to navigate by clicking an image, a phrase, and a title, or only one? Utilizing heat maps can help you identify what people THINK can interact with, which can be useful when this metric comes into play.
  3. Does your website shift as different pieces load? Consumers don’t like it when they try to click one thing, but a website shift causes them to click something else. If you experience these shifts on your website, what features can you remove to provide a more stable experience?

It can be hard to take a step back and view your website as a user, but it can also be a great way to measure user experience design and implement necessary changes. While you’re at it, make sure you avoid other SEO mistakes and review your website design to make sure you rank as high as possible.

Get a Jumpstart on Improving Your Google Core Web Vitals

Are you ready to jumpstart your site’s success and get ahead of Google’s core web vitals update in 2021? Do you want to reach the first page of the SERP and increase the likelihood of reaching more consumers?

Start by reviewing your website as-is and identify which areas need to be updated. Focus on the algorithms coming soon by monitoring your site load speed, interactivity, and website shift. Then, choose the most comfortable framework to measure user experience and use the data to improve experience sitewide.

Finally, review your website design to make sure it measures up to your competition. Does it accurately represent your business and what you have to offer the world? Are there any ways you could make it better?

For more industry insight and up-to-date digital marketing trends, check out our blog! Ready for some expert digital marketing assistance? Request a quote, and we can help you get a better plan to ensure long term success for your site.

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