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How to Increase Website Conversions?

Just about every business, including our digital marketing agency, wants to increase website conversions. It would be ideal to spend a few advertising dollars, capture potential clients and lead them to my website, then my website directs these potential clients to my core value propositions, case studies, blog, etc., and then they called and sign up for my services (ad click > website interactions > conversion). Life would be gravy!

Measuring Attribution

Over the years, I have seen digital ad agencies and traditional ad agencies attempt to use different measurements to gauge campaign success including site traffic increases, clicks, CTR, view-through completions, and more. Let’s be honest, these are not ideal metrics and if they cannot obviously draw a path to conversion, most agencies simply stop using the medium. Or, they place all of the value on the last click (Last-Click Attribution) and shift the budget. Note: the last click could also be a phone call.

Attribution & Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, we do not need to give all of the credit to the last click. We can give it to the first click, or using the linear attribution model give equal value to all clicks. This is key when trying to increase website conversions because lead generation can simply be maxed out (you can buy all the leads the market supports). What you need to focus on is demand generation, which includes building awareness around your product or service. Using advertising mediums like Facebook Ads and Google Display Network, hone in on your target audience informing them of your value proposition with good creative. This will help generate demand with customers higher in the funnel. Will these people immediately jump to make a phone call? We can measure this, but probably not. We’ve just hooked them and now they need to go through the buying cycle.

Digital Strategy

This is where your digital strategy comes into play because everyone that visits your site should be retargeted with display ads specific to what they are looking for. This will help drive these potential customers back into your website and therefore increase conversions. When these customers come back they may simply click your pay per click (PPC) ad and this is where the problem lies. Many agencies will give the PPC ad all of the credit for the entire strategy.

Mult-Channel Funnel Reports

Using Google Analytics, when you set the appropriate conversion goals you can measure conversions from their origin using the Multi-Channel Funnel reports. One I really like is the Top Conversions report see below.

screenshot 2598 orig
Now, you can see what the conversion channel path looks like and so you don’t have to kill your first-click campaigns for more last-click campaigns. However, all of your active campaigns need to be tagged, which means someone needs to manage this process (unless you have the time of course). Like the old adage says, “What gets measured gets done.” Well if you start tracking conversions appropriately and optimizing then surely your conversions will go up. It’s all of the blind optimization focusing on things like clicks and CTRs that you should be concerned about.

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