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Should I Use a Digital Marketing Agency?

There are certainly pros and cons in working with a digital marketing agency versus in-house or a large media company directly. I will help present some insights and pose some questions, which might help you make a decision:

Q: Why hire someone outside my company to assist with digital advertising?

A: Digital advertising requires a specific skill set managing tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Call Tracking Metrics, and in our case ongoing data analysis. Hiring someone with the required skill sets, might cost your business over $100,000 annually and because you might not fully understand the scope of work, you might even make a few bad hires. A digital marketing company like Actuate Media understands the industry, products, and measures. Thus, we are well positioned to get your digital advertising setup correctly regardless if we run your campaign or manage a vendor’s campaigns (Media buying).

Q: Why should I choose a digital marketing company like Actuate Media over a large media company?

A: Most large media companies are good at executing generic campaigns at scale. However, they typically lack the customization, true optimization, and backend campaign analysis required to measure metrics like Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Furthermore, you’d be lucky to have a client facing Google Certified representative with a direct line of communication to whoever is actually managing the account. Thus, communication errors and slow turn times can result in wasted ad spend. Finally, media companies may provide you with some type of insights dashboard, but what does it all really mean? Is it really for transparency? Typically media companies will isolate/segment their products making it very difficult for your marketing department to piece together how everything is actually performing. This is why Actuate Media has decided to take additional steps regarding data analysis for our clients. Anyone can run a marketing campaign and hand a client some metrics every month, but it takes a knowledgeable team to aggregate the data from all campaigns and feed it into a database to really measure how campaigns are really performing and what it means for your business.

About Us

Actuate Media is a digital advertising agency in Seattle, WA. Our team has run hundreds of digital advertising campaigns nationwide including PPC Search Marketing, SEO, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and more. We are proud to have completed Google Partner’s Specialist Challenge and we are Google Ads & Analytics, certified specialists. Our agency implements a data-driven approach connecting advertising results and analytics, aggregating the data for future analysis allowing our partners to make smart advertising decisions in the future to gain a competitive advantage.

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