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Should You Buy Your Own Name for PPC Advertising?

As a PPC Management Company, one of the most disputed questions in pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing, “should you buy your own name or not for PPC advertising?” There are a few reasons why an advertiser might consider buying their own name including:

  • Inexpensive
  • Competitors are buying your name
  • Quickly attract customers

Valid Reasons for Buying Your Own Name

With this said, we feel inexpensive and to quickly attract customers are not valid reasons why to spend the extra money buying your own name. This is due in part because customers are looking specifically for you. If you purchase your own name, at a high percentage of your customers will click it, which will distort your PPC advertising data.

For instance, if you are tracking inbound phone calls, without keyword spotting 95% of your inbound calls could be from your branded name keywords alone and you would none the wiser. This is a problem because a vendor might take credit for something you might have converted organically. If this is the case, it’s possible the rest of your campaign isn’t as effective as you might think. So what if your competitors are buying your name, what should you do?

Competitors Buying Your Name?

If your competitors are buying your name, we recommend that you use a separate dynamic or tracking number for your own branded keywords. This will allow you to assess what percentage of your total inbound phone calls come from your name branded keywords versus products/services keywords. Only then, can an advertiser understand the true value of their PPC search marketing campaigns.

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